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Saint Francis Prep, a college preparatory for young men, and for some time, young women, was operated at its Spring Grove, PA location by the Franciscan Order from the years 1946 to 1989.  We, who attended the Prep, were guided through our most impressionable years by Franciscan priests and brothers, our teachers, and by each other.

The Prep sat on the outskirts of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, a small town known by bewildered travelers for P.H. Glatfelter, the paper factory that the town still thrives on.  The town is infamous for the distinct sweet & sour paper-factory-smell that seems to meander for miles through the hills of southern Pennsylvania, and on a good day, directly through the stately grounds of the Prep. 

The St. Francis Prep main house was partially burned and the Prep was sold in 1989.

To you who lived, worked, and learned together at the Prep, those old days seem poles apart from these current times; a different world completely.  But those days have not been forgotten by us.  They have forged bonds between brothers that will last the rest of our lives, and brought experiences that make us the people we are today.

Welcome to your SFP web site.  Its purpose is to celebrate your success, and the successes of all those who have survived the Prep, and to serve as a reminder to us of one of the many places we've traveled.  Also, to exist through the years as a place to return to old friendships.  This place on the Internet is dedicated not only to the students, but to all those who lived together, worked together, and learned together, about life, over so many years.


There are no costs associated with this site.  If you've only now just found us, please let us know by registering for, and adding a comment to our message board. 

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